A Message from the PELAFORCE™ Team

So, who exactly are we? 

Rooted in sustainable African ethnopharmacology, our company is committed to combining twenty-first century innovation with ancient African indigenous knowledge. Our products are sustainably and ethically sourced, while being backed by science.

Key to our success are collaborative partnerships with universities, NGO’s, traditional healers and users, rural communities, and commercial entities and individuals in South Africa and abroad. This approach has allowed PELAFORCE™ to attract a diverse, motivated and conscientious group of management stakeholders and team members to the organisation.

The combined knowledge, expertise, experience and motivation represented in the PELAFORCE™ team has culminated in a talented and capable group with the range of skills and motivations necessary to make this company an ethically driven, as well as commercially and environmentally sustainable, success story. Afrigetics strives to do business in a way that is ethical, environmentally responsible, innovative, and dynamically responsive to the continually changing needs of the natural products marketplace.

Meet the Business Strategy Team

Our PELAFORCE™ strategy team came together as a young (relatively), dynamic and ethically inspired group of individuals, who see southern Africa’s vast botanical wealth as a treasure that needs to be sustainably shared with the world.

Our team comprises a professionally diverse, talented and experienced group of individuals from differing backgrounds and walks of life. There is, however, a common purpose that connects every member of our team: we are all determined to bring an awareness of southern Africa’s natural heritage to the world in a sustainable, culturally appreciative way that benefits all involved.

“PELAFORCE™ is a vehicle through which we aim to establish a new symbiotic economy for all species on our planet. We envision a world in which man does not take more than nature can replenish. Our participation in this economy will be founded upon selfless service to bring about fair distribution of value and to ensure sustainability. Furthermore, all within this new economy will have equal opportunity to add value and receive compensation for their efforts. In this way, we will collectively leave this world a better place for us having been here.”                      - Dane Poulsen, Managing Director & Zen Master

“Growing up on a farm in the Karoo, I have developed a great love for the outdoors. My idea of balance is where human life becomes sustainable and enriching just by harnessing the indigenous botanical resources of the area. Playing a role in the upliftment of communities has been the fulfilment of a dream I had long envisioned. A self-employed, self-empowered community has the power to change the lives of many individuals for generations to come.” - Caitlin Gilfillan, Operations Director & Animal Lover

“PELAFORCE™ is Mother Nature’s gift to her people. Not only does this powerful plant medicine offer a healthy, scientifically proven alternative to antibiotics, but it is also alcohol-free and diabetic friendly. Thank you, Mother Earth!” - Danita Pandither, Financial Manager & Bean Counter

“I can now gratefully say that I have experienced my first ever “wheeze-free” winter thanks to PELAFORCE™. Pelargonium sidoides, the humble hero behind PELAFORCE™, is the epitome of plant power and has been used in traditional South African remedies for centuries. Beyond these herbal health benefits, we strive to uplift those who join us on our journey and to protect the natural world that selflessly supplies its tuberous treasures. Our team envisions a world in which people are powered by plants. I believe that our PELAFORCE™ herbal solution is truly a solution.”     - Kristin McLean, Customer Services Manager & Adventure Seeker

“Through PELAFORCE™, I have been able to successfully unite my greatest passions in life – microbiology, marketing, people and nature. I thrive on developing meaningful connections with those I work with and fostering healthy relationships between people and the environment. When harnessing the true healing potential of plants, we have an opportunity to realign humanity to nature.” - Che-Lee Parker, Business Development Director & All-round Perfectionist

“In what feels like a previous lifetime, I pursued a successful career abroad in Information Technology. Five years ago, driven by an unquenchable passion for Africa's people and wildlife, I returned to South Africa with a new purpose: to develop, promote and deliver sustainable eco-commerce projects that would directly benefit both wildlife conservation and rural African communities. I see the culturing and cultivation of Pelargonium sidoides, one of southern Africa’s most unique and medicinally promising botanical plant species, as a rare privilege.” - Quin Clark, Project Manager & Conservation Fundi

"As a mother of an allergic child, it has always been tricky for me to differentiate between allergy symptoms and flu. When I would consult a doctor, it would invariably be too late and mean a miserable child, antibiotics, hefty GP bills and time off work. This year, my family has been through a whole winter without a single cold - PELAFORCE™ has changed my life.” - Paula Nosenzo, Quality Manager & Chief Whip

Meet Our Founder Independent Business Owners (IBOs)

Every successful business requires driven people who identify with and uphold its core values, mission, ideals and vision for the future. These are our early adopters who joined the Pelaforce tribe as independent business owners (IBO’s) to share our products and message with South Africa and the world.

Our founder IBO’s believe in us, in what we do and how we do it, and in the products we develop and produce. They are instrumental to our broader vision, and mission success. Without these courageous and committed members of our tribe, the Pelaforce story would be a short one indeed.

Anthea Gilfillan

Hotel manager & Harmony healer

Laurie-Ann Mackeson

Multi manager & Mother sage

Margaret Pennington

Silver Hill Lodge

Thembeka Mweli

Fly-fishing specialist

Belinda de Waal

Jill of all traits & Master of fun

Kayden Primić


Nonhlanhla Madlala

Mother of Noluvo

Justin Hall

Handyman & Chilli muncher

Michael Waites

Filtration specialist & Herbal extraordinaire

Jason Panagos

Bright Mountain Oils

Calvin Lee Nelson

Chaos organiser & 2nd O'Sullivan

Candice Descroizilles

Organic oils specialist &
Neatness fairy

Talya Primić

Problem solving gypsy :)

Byron Panagos

Bright Mountain Oils

Lauren Cameron

World traveler & Animal healer